Bilton Grangers based at Bilton Grange School - Operates from the dining room (completed in 2015) which is within the school grounds and has its own purpose built garden and outside activity area. This is the largest club in the chain and is where the Head Office, Senior Manager  and holiday club are based. Latest OFSTED inspection states "Children are exceptionally well mannered and their behaviour is impeccable. Staff plan activities to stimulate and challenge children in their play. Parents are highly complimentary about the staff and the service provided." Grove Grangers based at Grove Road C.P. School - Operates in a centrally based, purpose designed and designated class room within the school and benefits from a large covered play area and climbing wall outside. Latest OFSTED inspection states "Children have lots of fun at the club. They are enthusiastic and happy. Staff have high expectations of the children and a thorough understanding of how they develop. Parents are very positive about the club.” St Joseph Grangers based at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School - Operates from a large designated space in the dining room of the school with immediate access to a sunny patio area. They have excellent outside facilities with a large playground, field and an adventure trail. Latest OFSTED inspection states "Children are highly confident and have good levels of self-esteem. They communicate well and are extremely polite. Children thoroughly enjoy their time in the setting. Staff have very good relationships with the children and parents." Taylor Grangers based at Richard Taylor C of E School - Operates from 3 main areas within the school, the hall, a designated classroom and the library and has full use of the extensive grounds which include a large field, playground, pavilion and peace garden. Latest OFSTED inspection states "The club is lead by a dedicated management team, that is committed to providing a high-quality service. Parents are very happy with the service provided. Children are content and display high level of self-confidence."
The Grange Partnership is a well-established private business of four Out of School clubs based on school sites in North Harrogate. The management team consists of Moira Burns, Wendy Thickett, Steve Burns (Finance Manager), Donna Anderson (Senior Manager) and Sian Kennedy (Operations Manager). The clubs are:
Each   club   has   a   small   team   of   qualified   staff,   led   by   an   experienced   manager,   who   work   closely   with   their associated   school   to   ensure   seamless   transitions   between   class   and   club.   The   staff   plan   and   provide   a   wide range   of   activities   which   reflect   a   balanced   view   of   the   world   and   an   appreciation   of   the   rich   diversity   of   our society.   We   offer   a   free   flow   play   environment   which   accommodates   each   child’s   individual   requirements. All   our clubs   have   access   to   suitable   indoor   and   outdoor   areas   for   energetic   games   (   check   out   the   images   on   our gallery   page   )   as   physical   activity   is   a   very   important   part   of   all   sessions.   We   encourage   risky   play   but   safety   is paramount   at   all   times   and   we   provide   choices   and   challenges   within   safe   and   supervised   limits.   We   welcome children from 4 to 11 years old
We   encourage   healthy   eating   which   is   reflected   in   the   wide   variety   of   interesting   unusual   and   diverse   food we   offer   the   children   during   both   morning   and   afternoon   sessions   and   drinking   water   is   available   at   all times.      We   are   able   to   cater   for   special   dietary   needs   and   you   are   welcome   to   send   extra   food   and   drink   at any   time   but   for   the   safety   of   those   who   suffer   from   allergies   please   do   not   send   anything   which   contains nuts.  To   keep   you   informed   of   any   changes,   interesting   events   and   'gossip'   we   send   text   messages   and produce       newsletters       on       a       regular       basis       we       also       have       a       Facebook       page       at The   partnerships   we   develop   are   very   important   to   us   and   we   have   an 'open   door'   policy   where   everyone   is   welcome   and   you   do   not   need   to   make   an   appointment   to   discuss anything   that   may   be   concerning   you.   Everything   you   tell   us   will   be   treated   confidentially   and   your   family values, beliefs and cultural background will be respected. We   cultivate   a   sense   of   self-worth   by   offering   children   the   opportunity   to   experience   success   free   from prejudice   and   discrimination.   Their   individual   potential   is   recognised   and   nurtured   and   we   encourage children   to   think   for   themselves   as   we   are   aware   of   how   adults   can   influence   them.   We   know   that   children who    have    been    encouraged    to    question    the    way    people    treat    each    other    are    much    more    likely    to challenge   discrimination.   We   encourage   each   child's   identity   to   emerge   and   value   and   enjoy   all   that   they bring   to   the   setting.   We   never   refuse   admission   on   the   grounds   of   race,   gender,   size,   ability/disability, culture, language, religion, belief or family status.
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Although we do have televisions and games consoles, our emphasis is on traditional activities such as painting, baking and board games which children do not always have the opportunity to take part in at home.
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